Aircraft Technologies Group, Inc.

1481 Park Terrace Ave.
Lake Havasu City, Arizona 86404

About the Company

We’re a company formed by technicians, for technicians, because we felt it‘s time for a change. We’ll back you, our technician, all the way. We’ll help you achieve your career goals, and provide you the opportunity to be an entrepreneur as well. ATG technicians are the best for heavy maintenance. ATG is professional, qualified and seasoned technicians from all industry trades with experience in aircraft maintenance, modification, manufacturing and general repair. In 2001, out of a widely-felt need for a fair contracting company...of techs for techs...we decided it was time for fair rates, benefits and backing. Good pay for going the extra mile. We, technicians ourselves, launched ’ATG to provide the options, the pay and the overall environment we could find nowhere else. With joining ATG you become part of an extensive network of qualified technicians. Through our growing network we wish to help ensure you get the highest rates, have a stake in the company for your long-term commitment, get regular opportunities to improve your skills, supplement income and increase your job options. You’re here now because you enjoy and take pride in what you do, communicate well, are objective-oriented, and are continually putting your own work under the most critical scrutiny - your own. Those are the traits of an ’ATG tech. Sign up to NETworX and refer people to receive 1 to 2,000 extra a year.


Please inquire, as we have a Get Involved philosophy where you may earn cash with our skills events, competitors or Officials. We also have a social media platform The HIVE and if you are an entrepreneur you may earn Royalties for every referral who comes and works with us. Those are some of the opportunities for an ’ATG technician. Sign up to NETworX and refer people to receive 1 to 2,000 extra a year. continues to be the fastest-growing aviation and aerospace job website with resume database access and has exclusively served the aviation industry for over 20 years. It is a free service for job seekers and an out-of-this-world place for aviation companies to post jobs and search resumes.

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