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"WOW- Within 2 hours of my posting a job for an Engineer I got the candidate we were looking for! I am happy to say he starts in two weeks. Keep up the great work! Garrick Weaver at Keystone Helicopters"

"It has been by far the best site I've found. I have been surprised at how many people are looking for work. We have found a couple of people we are interviewing now so it maybe all we'll need for now but would definitely come back again. Thank you. David at Reforestation Services / Salem Oregon"

"Your site has proven successful so there is not a doubt that your recruitment side would do the same. We do plan on moving forward with Amanda. Flight Options"

"It now seems we have more resumes coming in than we can fill. Several good candidates are looking for full-time or contract work. Most of our applicants are coming from the Ad. Thank you. Heli Inc"

I have discussed the renewal with Ron and the owners and we have decided to renew our membership along with the front page link. I appreciate all your help with your site. I really do enjoy using JSFIRM!!! HQ Aero Management"

"I was searching the database and came across the perfect candidate for our Avionics Manager position. We called and he starts next week. We are very happy with your service and have found an excellent employee."

I spoke with Don about the Ad. We are going to offer the job to one of the candidates that we got through the service you provide. At that point we will be fully manned for now. If and when we ever have a need we will definitely use your service.
Thank You for a great website and support. is a great service to small companies like ours. It would be very difficult to find people without this possibility. Pelican Air Inc"

"Just wanted to drop you a note and mention your site is working very well for us. RAYTHEON AEROSPACE"

"Thanks for the exposure, unfortunately my budget is restrictive so I will not be needing to have my banner on the front. The good news is that we will continue to run our 2 ads on your website, because the hit count I am getting is excellent. Yours Sincerely SR TECHNICS"

"We filled all nine positions in about 4 1/2 days. We probably got 25 good responses from people that came from your site. I think 4 or 5 guys we hired for this job ended up coming from your site. I am very pleased with the site. Always have been. Thanks APA"

"According to the response - which, by the way, we have had great response for our listings and I am glad since I found you (or you found us) whatever. Mountain Air Cargo "

"If we need to look for mechanics again next summer, we will definitely use your website again. We had responses from some very good mechanics. Regards Director of Maintenance"

"They want to cut the budget. I have seen the difference by not using the service to post jobs already. Our website is not going to make up the difference as it sets now. I would have the service right now if it was my decision."

"You guys like success stories? Signed on to site yesterday in search of a mechanic and found a local guy who just interviewed with our VP of Maintenance and is heading to Buffalo tomorrow to meet with our Director of Maint. Looks like he'll be brought on board. Was nice to be able to use this to promote long-term registration with you guys when all this stuff is finalized. My manager agreed that your site is worth our investment! Talk to you again soon. Laurie"


"Hi Jaime, I just wanted to write to you to let you know what a great product JS Firm has. I have been a JS Firm customer since 2005.The first time I posted my resume with JS Firm my resume was redone to reflect my aviation career. After this was done it was posted, and in less than a month I got my first job, and was very happy. In December 2009 I found myself with out a job. So again I went to JS Firm, and posted my resume. After this you (Jaime) sent me an email after having noticed that I had posted my resume. When talking with you (Jaime) on the phone you suggested having my resume redone again, and this time to reflect my management skills. So you put me in contact with Amanda. Amanda did an awesome job of redoing my resume, and after posting now both my resumes online. Again in less than a month I found my second job, and was very happy especially knowing how many people are out of work these days. I tell everyone I can in the aviation business what a great company JS Firm is, and what a great product you have. Jaime, and Amanda you two are wonderful people that showed me allot of patience and confidence when I needed it. Amanda again you did an awesome job with my resume. Ladies Thank You very much for all you did for me and for the great experience I had. I will continue to tell people what an awesome company JS Firm is. Again thank you for everything."

"Just a quick e-mail to let you folks at know that your services WORK. I have been looking for a job for a little over a year (I have been employed during this time, but not real happy with my job). I found a job, on your website, that's not too far from my home, and pays well. So, I must say thank you for your service. I especially like the fact that you all don't charge for your service. It's good to know that I got a job through a non-paying site, when I have been using at least two other sites that charge for their services.
Again, thank you very much. I will highy recommend your site to all of my fellow aviation mechanics who are looking for work. Mike Kirkley"

"I know I told you before, I do like the way you inform me when a position is filled. I also like the services you provide. I thank you for the great service you have provided."

"I feel that I am getting better service with you. I just want to say thank you."

"I find navigating your site easier. Your resume form is faster to fill out. AND THE SITE HAS A FREE OPTION!!! To me....fancier and more colorful is not what makes a site. Simple, fast, and easy to use are the keys to a good site. JSfirm has those qualities. Saber

"Just wanted to let you know I have received a job, thanks to you and your company. To refresh your memory, my name is Dave from Newport, North Carolina. I was looking to relocate to Louisiana to be closer to my kids. Well, for a month now, I have been living in Lafayette and been working for Petroleum Helicopters. This is the perfect job for me. Again, I would like to thank you. This has really turned my life around for the better. And just to let you know, I am letting everyone know about JSfirm. When it comes to finding a job in aviation, you guys are the best! Thanks again and Happy Holidays! "

"I have looked at a lot of Aviation Job Website for a friend of webiste is very, very nice. Very Classy...very easy to navigate.....nicely thought out. It looks like you friend saw the address in the Miami Herald. Well Done. Maryann"

"Thank you for informing me about the confidentiality feature. I have chosen to enlist without any contact information since it is absolutely essential for me to maintain this confidentiality. This is a great feature that allows me to look for a job and not be worried about be discovered"

"I have accepted an aviation teaching position. I will no longer need your services. Thank you for all your support. I had alot of leads through your web site that landed this job. I will recommend it to my students. Thanks again. Please remove me from your mailing list and remove my information from your data-base and again, thank you."

"I was fortunate to have found a job through your great web site and very satisfied but how to I close out my resume so that I no longer receive notices of new jobs?"

"This is not a question but a thank you for your service. Through your service i was able to land the job i was looking for. Thank you , at first i was skeptical, but kept updating my resume. And got a call from Evergreen Helicopters here in Galveston and start work very shortly. The system works. Thanks Pat"

"Always visiting your site. Lots of good info! Larry" "Great Site!!!! Hopefully i will get someone to employ me soon.excellent website.lots of potential employers."

"I really enjoy the site and thank you for providing it, and I have gotten some excellent leads."

"Thank you for a fine job. Your site is loaded with potential jobs. It is one of my favorites"

"To whom it may concern: I just wanted to say thanks for being here and helping people like myself, I will be starting employment with Rocky Mountain Helicopters on the 19th of this month.Thanks for the help. Sincerely, Joseph"

"Wanted to let you know your resume posting procedure is excellent. Great job and i will tell everyone I know. It is like a of aviation. Love it."

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