Neptune Aviation is looking for experienced mechanics and avionic technicians to join our highly skilled team in Missoula, MT.  Neptune Aviation operates a 145 Repair Station facilitating the general aviation needs of the region, as well as provides modified aircraft for use in fire fighting operati

Experienced A&P Mechanic - 145 Repair Station

Neptune Aviation Services • 
Missoula, Montana, USA
Position Type: Permanent
Job Description:

Neptune Aviation is looking for experienced mechanics and avionic technicians to join our highly skilled team in Missoula, MT.  Neptune Aviation operates a 145 Repair Station facilitating the general aviation needs of the region, as well as provides modified aircraft for use in fire fighting operations in the US and abroad.  Our maintenance department handles all aspects of aircraft maintenance, modification, inspection and repair. Neptune also operates a Part 135 Charter Service and Part 91 corporate flight department. The maintenance departments we are looking to hire are listed below.

General Aviation Department involves all GA light types up through King Air, SD3-60 Sherpa and light jets up through large business jets. RTS air carrier aircraft (Part 121/135) through CRS or by A&P per air carrier training and authorization.

Airtanker Department involves our Bae-146 aircraft converted to dispense fire retardant on fires.

Essential Functions:

  • Install, adjust, align, troubleshoot and perform final functional and operational tests on a variety of major aircraft systems, their assemblies, and components such as airframe, landing gear, power plant, gear boxes, pumps, and hydraulic, pressurization, electrical, utility, fuel, oil, pneumatic, and flight control systems.
  • Troubleshooting, and repairing all airframe and powerplant mechanical systems, or post assembly checkout, adjustment, and repair of overhauled and modified aircraft to prepare for and correct deficiencies found on aircraft flights.
  • Rig, function test, or troubleshoot the systems; determine when they are operating properly or whether portions of the system must be repaired or replaced; and the type and extent of adjustment and alignment needed.
  • Document all work on the aircraft and ensure that the aircraft records are complete.
  • Authorized to sign off on work performed by others, clear safety of flight conditions and return the aircraft to service.
  • Other duties as assigned

Additional Functions:

  • Primary responsibility for performing, coordinating and/or overseeing maintenance and inspections on an aircraft
  • Coordination of work efforts of subordinate mechanics/helpers
  • Must know the theory, operation and integration of all mechanical, hydraulic, electrical, electronic and other operating systems of the assigned aircraft in order to troubleshoot and repair malfunctions from pilot reports of discrepancies, as well as from observations during inspections and run-ups
  • Run up and test under power the engine(s) and systems
  • May be required to fly on aircraft
  • Responsible for the approval of work performed on their assigned aircraft

Key Skills & Competencies:

  • Skill in the use of standard and specialized tools and test equipment of the trade including fixtures, templates, scales, test stands and external power sources
  • Have knowledge of the makeup, operation, installation, and adjustment of a variety of major interrelated and/or integrated aircraft systems, subsystems, and assemblies
  • Preferred candidate will have extensive electrical and/or avionics troubleshooting experience
  • Skill in reading and understanding data and settings from cockpit instrumentation
  • Skill in interpreting and applying written technical guidelines
  • Skill in the use of computers to research technical data.
  • Ability to effectively communicate by reading, writing, and understanding the English language.
  • Know the start up, operation, shutdown, and emergency procedures for the systems and the aircraft; symptoms of normal and abnormal operation; the inter-relationships between operating systems; and activity safety procedures in order to prevent damage to equipment or injury to personnel.
  • Computer skills including, but not limited to: MS Word, Excel, and aircraft maintenance tracking software


  • Vision, dental, health, and life insurance premiums paid by Neptune, for employees.
  • Additional insurance plans available.
  • Vacation- Prorated 40 hours for first year, scaling to 160 hours at 7 years.
  • 56 hours PTO (sick time) per year.
  • 12 paid holidays.
Job Requirements:
  • High school diploma or GED
  • FAA Airframe & Powerplant License (14CFR 65)
  • Must be willing to relocate to Missoula.
Additional Desired Qualifications:
GA Department
  • Maintenance experience on King Air series, C23B, SD3-60 Sherpa, or Aero Commander 690.
  • Maintenance experience on TPE-331 or PT6 turbo prop engines.
  • Maintenance experience on piston aircraft. 
  • Maintenance experience on corporate jets including Eclipse, Embraer, Citation, Falcon, etc. 

Airtanker Department

  • Maintenance experience on BAe-146/RJ85 or similar aircraft such as CRJ, ERJ, DC-9, MD-8X series, 737, A319/320, etc.

Physical Requirements:

  • Work assignments require moderate to strenuous effort.
  • Workers must climb, bend, stoop, crawl, and stand for prolonged periods on concrete or metal surfaces.
  • Frequently lift parts and equipment that weigh up to 25 pounds.
  • Occasionally lift and carry items that weigh about 50 pounds.
  • Heavier weights may be lifted with mechanical lifting devices or assistance from other workers.
  • Work is performed in hanger areas, outdoors, and in hazardous noise areas.
  • Workers are exposed to extremes in heat, cold, and inclement weather.
  • Work in confined spaces and in awkward positions.
  • Dirt, dust, grease, and aircraft fluids are common in the work place.
Relocation: Yes
Travel: Occasional
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