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About the Company

Concord XXI has assembled the finest collection of training aids, simulators, and instructors existing in the world today. We are the world’s leading western-style Mi-17 training company. Since training our first Mi-17 air and ground crews from the US Air Force in October 2000, we have continually improved training processes with each class, and have achieved customer satisfaction that is second to none.

Almost 1,000 western aircrews and maintenance personnel have passed through our doors in the last decade. US Air Force, US Army, Royal Air Force, Canadian Forces, Afghan Ministry of Interior, numerous South American nations, and many, many more from around the world have trained with us.

Our newly established Daleville Training Facility right outside the gates of Fort Rucker, Alabama is a state of the art training center. We train both aircrew and maintenance personnel. Whether you are corporate or military, we will put together a training course reflecting your organization’s needs. We will keep you proficient and safe.

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