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About the Company

JetPro Pilots is owned and operated by professional pilots who understand business aviation. We provide pilots, flight attendants and technicians for a diverse range of clients on a variety of jet aircraft. We have the passion and expertise to seamlessly connect the highest qualified, safe, proficient and current crews with the flight departments of world-class corporations. JetPro Pilots is the employer of record for its flight crews. This gives you complete confidence that your liabilities and risk are reduced, and things are done right. Let us do the background work to get the crews hired and minimize your administrative efforts.


At JetPro Pilots, we work hard to make sure you are treated as a human being, not a number. This includes working to get your paycheck to you as quickly as possible. With our TripTrac™ mobile expense reporting app, you can easily log your time and expenses, submit them electronically via the Internet, and receive your payment via direct deposit. This means no envelopes, no stamps, no fax machines, no scanners, and no paper checks. Using TripTrac™, you can simply enter your trip dates & daily rate…snap pictures of your receipts…and submit. We process these expense reports & pay our employees weekly, so you will get your money fast! You can also use TripTrac™ to access & and download your pay stubs at any time from the convenience of your desktop or mobile phone. Flying as an independent contractor sometimes means flying without insurance. By not being on the flight department’s payroll, you may not be covered under their insurance policies without jumping through extra hoops. Flying with JetPro Pilots means you are covered. We carry large general liability, non-owned coverage, products liability, and full workman’s compensation for all employees. JetPro Pilots’s Health Insurance Coverage is offered to our full time employees. This plan covers some of our administrative team, but also includes full time pilots, flight attendants or techs that are assigned to a client / flight department on a full-time retainer basis while employed by JetPro Pilots. Our health insurance plan includes a large nation-wide provider network, at a competitive premium rate. Our plan also offers a free Health Savings Account (HSA) for pre-tax saving and spending for health-related expenses. For clients interested in setting up full-time retainer positions through JetPro Pilots, we have the flexibility to negotiate cost sharing and how these plans are structured. Employees working with JetPro Pilots may be eligible to participate in JetPro Pilots’s 401(k) program. All full-time employees & certain on-demand (“W2 Contractor”) employees are eligible for a 4% company match, with immediate vesting. Eligibility is based on the number of hours/days worked for JetPro within a 90 day period. Through this program, money can be set aside on a pre-tax or post-tax (ROTH) basis in a variety of plan options to match your risk tolerance. Even if you don’t work enough hours for JetPro to qualify, but you would like to save for retirement, JetPro Pilots can put you in touch with our financial advisors to help you invest pre-tax dollars for retirement, not only using JetPro Pilots wages, but also with wages made from flying with your other clients. continues to be the fastest-growing aviation and aerospace job website with resume database access and has exclusively served the aviation industry for over 20 years. It is a free service for job seekers and an out-of-this-world place for aviation companies to post jobs and search resumes.

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