Pollux Aviation

6540 E. Beechcraft Rd.
Wasilla, Alaska 99654

Previous Jobs at Pollux Aviation
Maintenance - Shop Foreman
, Alaska
Maintenance - Seasonal R44 field mechanic
Wasilla, Alaska
Maintenance - Robinson A&P Mechanic
Wasilla, Alaska
Pilot-Rotary Wing - Chief Pilot
Wasilla, Alaska
Pilot-Rotary Wing - utility helicopter pilot
Wasilla, Alaska
Management - Director of Maintenance
Wasilla, Alaska
Pilot-Rotary Wing - Helicopter Pilot
Wasilla, Alaska
Maintenance - A&P Mechanic
Wasilla, Alaska
Pilot-Rotary Wing - CFI (H), Tour and Charter Pilot
Ketchikan, Alaska
Pilot-Rotary Wing - Seasonal Utility Helicopter Pilot
Wasilla, Alaska

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